You Already Know What Part Of Your Life Is A Complete Dumpster Fire!

You don't need me or anyone else dumping more gasoline on that fire and causing more pain...

Everyone is trying to swoon and hypnotize you with fancy words, mega hype, impressive credentials, all their bling and money, and a bunch of other bullshit.. 

  • No Lambos or Mansions!
  • No FAKE staged poses for pictures!
  • No Mega Hype!
  • No guru shit!
  • No psychological manipulation!
  • No mental trickery!

Can We Just Get Past All Of That And Be Real For A Change?

We both know that you don’t give ONE SINGLE SHIT about PowerLife or Mike Kemski! That might sound harsh or mean but it’s not. It’s the truth. 

Unless or until you KNOW and BELIEVE it or I can help you solve your problem.


Are You Looking For More?

  • Authenticity             
  • Adventure               
  • Balance
  • Bravery                     
  • Compassion             
  • Challenge
  • Community             
  • Creativity
  • Curiosity                  
  • Determination       
  • Fairness
  • Freedom                  
  • Friendships             
  • Fun
  • Generosity               
  • Growth                     
  • Honesty
  • Influence               
  • Justice                   
  • Kindness
  • Knowledge               
  • Leadership             
  • Learning
  • Love                          
  • Loyalty                  
  • Openness
  • Optimism               
  • Recognition             
  • Respect
  • Responsibility         
  • Security                   
  • Self-Respect
  • Social Connection 
  • Spirituality             
  • Stability
  • Status                        
  • Wealth                     
  • Wisdom

What Others Are Saying:

So the most important question at this point is, "Can I help you, specifically?"
That depends 100% on how you answer the most important question you'll ever ask yourself.

If your answer is yes, I know with 100% certainty from 30+ years of experience my answer is, YES! I can help you solve your biggest problem in life. Because I’ve been doing just that with the PowerLife Principles and processes for 3 decades for people from every walk of life you can imagine.

My style is a little different. It’s not for everyone because I’m not trying to impress anyone. What you see is what you get with me.  But, it’s very powerful to the people that fit in The PowerLife ecosystem.

You probably already have a feel for that by now.

I’m not trying to win you over. I don’t even want to win you over! If I have to convince you to make a move in your own life, I can’t help. No one can. The results and thousands of unsolicited testimonials speak for themselves. 

So, I actually WANT this to drive you away if you are easily offended, have no sense of humor, or have a Godzilla sized ego.

Because if that’s you, you absolutely DO NOT fit in our ecosystem and there’s no sense in creating a frustrating relationship for either of us.

But, if you DO fit, you’ll find a set of life changing tools with unmatched support that leads to real results in the PowerLife Ecosystem

I’ll support you, guide you, help you, and create an environment that’s so fertile for your growth you’d win the blue ribbon prize at the State Fair if you were a tomato!

I don’t chase people. I don’t manipulate with psychological or emotional terrorism (aka marketing).

You know where your life is a damn dumpster fire. We all do. And don’t even get me started on the highlight reel guru display of the perfect life! What a joke!

All of us are a damn train wreck in some part of our lives at various times. No one needs to twist that knife and amplify your pain. 

We ALL need help and guidance to maximize our potential. 

If you’re struggling in life and you’ve tried everything else, this is the best place for you to be. 

And the fact that you’re reading this tells me that you’re ready or at least close to ready to change it. Otherwise you’d be watching cat videos on TikTok and drowning out your pain with Cheetos and ice cream and not focused on mending the wound causing the pain.

So all that’s next is for you to do now is:

Answer The Question In This Video!

NOTE: I ONLY want you to go further into the PowerLife Principles ecosystem after you watch this video, know why I do this, how it can help you, and answer the question in the video.

It will change your life no matter what answer you come up with.

Start here: Answer This Question

What Others Are Saying...

“Mike, I just wanted to tell you that I looked at my bank account and there’s over $1 million dollars in there! I’ve upgrading again and again and I’m working with celebrities now! I could not have done this, pulled through all of this weight, without the support of the PowerLife mentors, the guidance of the PowerLife Principles, and mostly, all of the love and energy you give to all of us"
"Mike Kemski thank you so much! You are listed as one of my most powerful resources. The concepts (the true nature of reality) you express with simplicity and clarity, your authenticity, that you model what is possible, that you truly care and engage, how you make life fun and cause me to smile and laugh all the time, how you show strength fueled by love is true power. Love you Mike!"
Inga Gelford
Before the PowerLife, I had almost no idea what I wanted, let alone how to get it. I just knew I wanted things to be "better". In the first week working with Mike he helped me gain clarity on what I wanted, take steps toward getting it, and have my desires show up in my life. I was getting real, tangible results in week one. I would advocate to anyone who doesn't have everything they want to let Mike help you transform your life too.
Brett Anderson

"It's The Path To Freedom"

1000's Of Real Life Results From Real Life People...

Syd Clapp

Syd came into PowerLife an unknown, aspiring musician with a dream. She’s since become an up and coming gotten her music on the radio, played in music festivals, made several profession music videos, and has worked with billboard top 40 recording artists. 

Check out Syd’s music here


Coyote Jackson

Coyote had “the life”. A great high paying job, good friends, and sweet digs.  But he wasn’t happy. His biggest challenge was weight. With the PowerLife Principles to help him, he lost over 100 pounds, quit his job, began to travel, and started his dream business of being a coach!

Mike Kemski

Mike’s story is so powerful, so inspiring, and so life changing Hollywood producers wanted to make into a movie.

He’s a 2 time #1 Bestselling Author, creator of The PowerLife Principles, a father of 2, and a ridiculously proud grandpa (Pop Pop). 

His work with The PowerLife Principles has created a global ripple effect all around the world. He’s worked with every type of person from high achievers, celebrities, fitness, models, troubled youth, doctors, lawyers, 2 quantum physicists, PhD’s all the way to the homeless. 

Mikes passion stems from the idea that, no matter where you’re at, what you do, what you’ve done, how much yo’ve won or how much you’ve lost, we all function the same way.

And thats the true beauty and magic of The PowerLife Principles. None of that matters. They wrap themselves around you, where ever you are in life, and expand and contract with you perfectly as needed to support you in getting more of what you want in life.