Private Coaching With Mike Kemski


There 3 stages of people in the personal development world:

1. Spiritual Addicts: These are the people who chase the high they get from  jumping from one personal development seminar to the next. But their lives never change.

These people the "next thing" is the thing that will create instant transformation in their lives.

They put in a lot of effort and resources but all of it is directed at everything EXCEPT what produces results.


2: The Nudgers: These that are put in the effort but the've lost the heat from their flame. These people will do the work but they really need the right coach or program and some nudging to stay the course.


3. Ready NOW: These people have either found a way out of the cycle of spiritual addiction or have just had enough of the bullshit of the industry and their own bullshit.

They're ready. No more excuses. It doesn't matter what it takes, they will find a way over under, around, or through.

Their energy is savage dedication and commitment and the only thing they are missing is a guide and support to help them channel that energy in a way that gets them more of what they want in their lives.

As you have probably figured out, I am only willing to privately work with people in the 3rd stage. I've been doing this work for over 3 decades and I completely stopped doing private coaching altogether for many years. But something that happened in the gym made me light up inside to start coaching privately again.

To get an idea of what to expect, watch the videos and read the feedback below. Then, only after you've done that, if you feel a pull to see if we are a fit, reach out and we'll set up a time to talk.

I've been paid $5K/hour for coaching.

Chances are, I've coached or mentored you're coaches coach or mentor.

I've mentored the full spectrum of people from 7 Time best selling authors, celebrities, global influencers, fitness models, multi-millionaires, drug addicts, scientists, doctors, lawyers, construction workers, to stay at home moms and dads.

There is no stupid tier levels of coaching plans. You're either in or your not.

I don't give you certain commitment levels based on tiers.

We're either going all in or we're not going at all.

The fee for private coaching is $2,500/mo.

There are no payment plans, or long term commitments. There are no discounts or negotiations.

That's it in a nutshell. What you see is what you get.

If I have to "sell" you on it, I already know we're not a fit.

I'd much rather you trust your intuition, and learn to listen to that and let it guide your choices.

Consider that you're first assignment from me!

Either way, if private coaching isn't right for you, but you want to be a part of the PowerLife Eco System and family, I highly encourage you check out the opportunity for group coaching in the PowerLife Life Academy.

Mike Only Accepts 4 Clients At One Time. Please Submit Your Interest And Our Team Will Get Back To You.

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“The PowerLife Principles Demystify The Elemental Ability We All Possess But Rarely Tap Into"

I now realize there are actual physical/chemical reasons that a person’s attitude can be such a tremendous influence in all they do. The principles Mike teaches, are easy to assimilate into a person’s life and gives the notion of believability instead of intimidation. Mike is a Real! A man who is not only the product of what he’s teaching but who is also a poster child for genuineness in sharing something he’s very passionate about. The course demystifies the elemental ability we all possess but rarely tap into.

-Valerie Stratford-

Vonee Beeker

"Developed my own business as a coach, consultant and mediator."

“I left my partner after 16 years, moved to a new place, quit my job and now have developed my own business as a coach, consultant and mediator.”

 -Vonneke Beeker-

“I’ve Become A Published Author"

“I am so excited to meet all of our new members because I know how amazing this group is and how amazing the PowerLife Principles are. I look at my life now and it is so different from June of 2017. I left my marriage and a high control religious group so basically, I started my life over. I stayed with the PowerLife group and Mike since the challenge. I love all the support I find here. I think otherwise my challenges would have overwhelmed me. My life is so different now.

Happiness is the normal for me now. I love nature, I'm a photographer and because of this group I will be adding a new accomplishment. I’ve become a published author! I have some goals and targets already in mind for the upcoming challenge, my next steps in creating my life. Looking forward to each step. And honestly, if my life can change, anyone's can.”

-Bess Kristie-

“In few weeks Mike helped me to start shifting fitness levels and body image, income, selfcare and connections with my family.”

“Such simple use of words that helped me become aware of what I was actually creating and thinking, focus to change the things I did not like appreciate the thing I did like. In few weeks Mike helped me to start shifting fitness levels and body image, income, selfcare and connections with my family. Now that few months form when I started has passed the progress is really obvious in all these areas.”

-Catherine Mangion-

“Courses like this are rare… It was not only life changing, it was lifesaving”

“Powerful, life changing, and genuine!  I found it so refreshing to experience the “in the moment, no bullshit” approach of Mike Kemski’s teaching and inspiring guidance. Mike’s participation and support reflects his authentic desire to be in service to all, at whatever level they began or continued at.  The value I received was priceless.

Courses like this are rare and I feel most fortunate to have found it at just the right time in my life to get me to and through what lies ahead for me; it was not only life changing, it was lifesaving.
Sincere gratitude to Mike and his support team.”

-Henrietta Butler-

“It’s not only my sobriety that has been successful, I have made many changes that are conducive to the life I want to live and continue to do so.”

“It’s not only my sobriety that has been successful, I have made many changes that are conducive to the life I want to live and continue to do so. I changed to a Vegan diet in January which is no mean feat. I set myself challenges for reading and research to ensure I can do the things that I want to do including video editing, Kombucha making, digital illustrating, growing food, sustainable living etc. all of which I have achieved or am making progress in.

My journey is only just beginning, but I now feel like I have a map, compass and a pack full of supplies. All I have to do is make the moves and use the tools. Much appreciation to Mike and you guys. Here’s to 6 months free of a crutch!!!”

 -Vic Haigh-

“People started approaching me about my business”

“For a while I had a dream of creating my business, but life got in the way. I work a lot and barely have a moment to myself. The PowerLife Highest Energy Win challenge cleared my perspective.
It helped me find what is it that I really want (it turned out it’s not a business but having one will create that which I want).  I discovered time can be made even when you work a lot. It helped me cleared my own boundaries. People started approaching me about my business, I am a lot more energetic, physically strong and on track with my goal. The support I received through the challenge from Mike and the other challengers is priceless. If you want to achieve anything in your life, this challenge is a great place to start the motion.”

-Orit Adiri-

“I was getting real, tangible results in week one.”

“Before the Power Life Challenge I had almost no idea what I wanted, let alone how to get it. I just knew I wanted things to be "better". In the first week working with Mike he helped me gain clarity on what I wanted, take steps toward getting it, and have my desires show up in my life. I was getting real, tangible results in week one. I would advocate to anyone who does not have everything they want to join the challenge and let Mike help you transform your life too.”

-Brett Anderson-

“He simply shows you the straightforward way to get it”

“Mike is the most heart-connected man I know. His passion is showing people how powerful they are, and he is motivated by people achieving in real-life results whatever it is that their heart truly desires. So, while his approach is one of deep spirituality, he won’t let any of our nonsense stand in the way of actually achieving your desires to have a more loving relationship, to have the job you want, the money you want, the freedom you want.

Whatever it is that you desire there is no judgement, he simply shows you the straightforward way to get it. By stepping into your own power.”

-Coyote Jackson-

“I don’t need to settle for anything that’s less than what I truly deserve!”

“My life changed from The PowerLife Principles because you helped me realize that I don’t need to settle for anything that’s less than what I truly deserve!  The principles taught in the course were easy to understand and powerful.  Mike you are an amazing person! Thanks for helping people realize that life can get better for everyone.  You are a living example of that!  I appreciate how you have affected my life in such a positive way.  I know you will continue to have the great life that you deserve.  I am happy I got to be a part of your life.”

-Michelle J.-

“My concepts, my ideas, my beliefs, my entire life has been turned upside- right!”

Mike - You are a 10!!! From who I was, from who I am now, and from the best I will become- THANK YOU!

Thank you for your words.  For your experience.  Thank you for sharing yourself and all the greatness you are to help others become so much more.  This has changed the depths of my soul so extremely.  I have evolved into a better and happier self.  I feel like my eyes have opened after a long sleep and everything I see is vibrant and alive -so welcoming- with so much potential.  I used to loathe this world- for all its bad.  Now I can love – for all its good.

Just as I once loathed myself, I now love and accept and BELIEVE in me because of the things you exemplify.   You and I are so similar in experiences, in more ways than you know, and to see how far you have flown and the happiness and joy you create for yourself and others gives me so much hope and encouragement!

Such an example you are!  If anything, Mike, know that you have truly changed, in the most positive way, who I am! My concepts, my ideas, my beliefs, my entire life has been turned upside- right! And now I can only hope to live my life so truly that I can help change someone else’s –as you have mine. Your teachings can change the world! They have changed mine! THANK YOU! Forever Grateful”

-Ashley Harvey-

“I've gotten more accomplished in my personal life during this challenge than I had in the previous decade”

Mike Kemski taught me in two weeks' time that my personal energy is my responsibility. If I don't like what I'm thinking or feeling, PowerLife Systems frees my mind to consider new thoughts, ideas and possibilities...and resources. I've gotten more accomplished in my personal life during this challenge than I had in the previous decade. That's all the proof I need to keep using the Principles.

It can't be said enough: this is simple. It's not easy. But learning that I control my energy has opened up possibilities where I hadn't seen them before. Same resources, new ideas.

I recommend this Challenge to anyone who is feeling stuck in old ways and thought patterns. If you're looking to find yourself, these tools might be of real help to you. They are to me.

It's powerful and it works...and it's only the beginning.

Thank you, Mike Kemski. Love you, man.”

-Mike Terrel-

“It’s right there in front of you all along. Excellent!”

“I woke up!  I realized that I took a step towards success instead of failure.  Other people told me they were proud of me for taking this course and I am proud of myself for taking this course.  The principles you teach are easy to grasp.  Very simple to understand.  It was like getting hit over the head with a bat.  It’s right there in front of you all along.  Excellent!

Mike is passionate about the topics covered.  He lets you see the principles by relating them to real life experiences. I can already see success coming his way and I feel successful for the opportunity to know him.

Thank you Mike!”

-Mike Gilespi-

“These principles have taught me to recognize that I can control my life.”

“These principles have taught me to recognize that I can control my life.  If you desire something bad enough in your heart it will come to you.  Have realized how many negative people are were in my life.  Mike is a great teacher!  Very knowledgeable.  Committed to changing all for the good and positive. His passion for what he believes in is immeasurable!!”

-Teresa Gonzalez-

“For years I have been trying to “find myself’ and this course has helped me so much.”

“Mike, I hardly have bad days now. I’ve realized that I’m the only person that can control this, and I can decide each and every day that I will make it productive and most importantly, happy.  I’m in control.  I no longer allow other to control me.  I hung on ever world.  The principles are simple but very powerful.  For years I have been trying to “find myself’ and this course has helped me so much.

No one will never be 100% but then if they did they wouldn’t have the joy of learning new things. Thank you for everything.”

 - Dora Gomez-

“You helped me push past my comfort zones, my life will never be the same!”

“Mike, you gave me the courage to do things I never believed I could do before.  You helped me push past my comfort zones, my life will never be the same!  You took principles I have learned in various other places and consolidated them into one tidy package.  Thanks!  I already know these principles are true and you helped me use them in a new way to reach a higher level in my life.  You have a great energy, warmth and laugh that are contagious.

You are a natural born teacher.  Your own life story was so compelling, it is a powerful testimonial that these principles really work!  This was a fun training.  Thanks for being so real, honest, and vulnerable and sharing your real life experiences.  Your enthusiasm is contagious.  It is an honor to be a student of The PowerLife Principles. Thanks!”

-Becky Edwards-

“The PowerLife Principles are powerful and addicting when applied in life in a positive way”

“Mike, I have a better understating that I control what comes into my life.  If I have negativity, I need to evaluate what I’m doing to attract and change course.  Nothing is accidental in life.  Your principles are powerful and addicting when applied in life in a positive way.  I’m excited to apply them more and more each day to maximize my growth.”

-Sandee Hunt-

“Your principles are great and easy to apply in life.”

“My life has changed, Mike, I made a decision to change my health by eating better and started an exercise program.  Your principles are great and easy to apply in life.  You are a very positive person with a lot to share with others.”

-Denise A.-

“I see my life in a more positive way”

“I see my life in a more positive way.  I realized everyone’s potentials and how our will matters to develop the best in ourselves.  Principles 1, 2, and 3 are powerful enough on their own. Nothing has meaning but the meaning you give to it!  Mike, you are open minded.  You make people feel really comfortable. “

-Ana P.-

“I have read all kinds of self-help books from Tony Robbins to Bob Procter. "

"Mike has help put this in a personal perspective that I can use at my own level and understand how things pertain to my own life.  The principles have taught me what I needed to understand the way I was thinking.  I knew things happen to you.  But now I can start to understand why.

I especially like the explanation of the law of duality.  You’re an awesome teacher.  You have such a magnetic personality and make you feel like you are important as an individual.  The PowerLife Principles are great for all levels of people. I hope to teach it to my children and friends. -Thanks Mike!”

-Terri Z.-

“I have learned I don’t have to be invisible anymore”

“Mike, I have learned I don’t have to be invisible anymore. I see the power I have. I am empowered.  I am worthy of having good things in my life.  The principles have opened my mind and heard. I will do this and teach it to the kids on my bus.  So many of them are on a dead end street and if I can help just one change the road he is on, to get to somewhere better. How blessed I will feel.

You are an awesome young man who the angels watch over. You have enriched my life. Thanks!  Good luck to you and yours.  May your angels continue to bear you as you pass your light to others.”

-Kathy L.-

“I am amazed and can't wait to learn more from you, WOW!"

"Principle #1 is so simple it is amazing. I have to laugh really because you acknowledge we have a body and if we know how to use it we get the same results as working purely from the spirit and mind. This is so clear to see now and I totally missed it! LOL I think most spiritual metaphysicians like myself do really. I am amazed and can't wait to learn more from you, WOW!"

-Wade Casaldi.-

"These 11 Principles Should Be Taught Throughout Everyone’s Formative School Years..."

"For the first time, all of these universal principles were melded in one cohesive lesson plan and explained simply and in a straight forward manner. Vital to true success and happiness. They should be taught throughout everyone’s formative school years."

-Tom Bradovich-

"It Has Become The Buzzword In Class..."

"I was surprised. I was shocked, I was impressed. I work with at risk students, we had to role play job interviews, I had them do the Principle #1 exercise and it worked. They did great, and they UNDERSTOOD!!

It has become the buzzword in the class, when we want something to happen we shout it out!!"

-Emilie J. Uyehara-

"The PowerLife Principles Has Truly Changed My Life..."

"I must thank you for writing your book, The PowerLife Principles, it has truly changed my life already. To start with I don't know why I even bought it as money is very very tight and I had promised myself not to buy anymore "stuff" online. Something just convinced me this was a very different product.

I am 63 year young and caring for my husband who is suffering extremely ill health and the depression that goes with it. The PowerLife Principles have given me strength and determination that is a huge help in our daily lives. I am able to cope much better and pass my positive feelings onto my husband."

-Joan M.-

"You gave me one word that woke me up again"

"When I read about this I was excited! I thought maybe you held some great secret I have been missing. I was eager to discover that missing piece that only you own. This has helped me to step back upon the path I veered off of a couple years ago.

The essence of who I really am. I just set it aside while I focused on the material world. You gave me one word that woke me up again. It's so simple and I knew that all along. Thank you from my heart."

-Linda Lebo-