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Attention: Burnt out by endless “self-help” that doesn’t help?

Get The No B.S. Guide Towards Getting MORE Of ANYTHING That You Want From Life

From “Throw-Away” Kid Turned Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Business Owner, and Mentor, Mike Kemski.


Tap into the hidden power of what most people are afraid of and get an edge on life that will have your friends baffled!

Exposing The C.O.R.E. (Creation Of Raw Energy)

Struggling with self sabotage? Tired of feeling like your own mind is stealing your success in life? Ever wonder how people who always win, do it? Get Exposing The C.O.R.E. and turn your negative energy into powerful fuel that will blast you through even the toughest challenges you face!


“This is the most powerful and effective personal development training I’ve EVER seen in 20 years!”

Travis Seibold

The Power Manifesting Method

This is the HOLY GRAIL of Manifesting and Attraction training. We demystify EVERYTHING, give you a very simple process that you can apply during the training, that will get you the result of more of whatever you want in your life in days. Without any mystery, weird stuff, or flowery language. Straight to the point, powerful, potent, and proven by hundreds of real life success stories!


PowerLife Private Mentoring

These aren’t some cookie cutter “life coaches”.

Every PowerLife mentor has been trained in the trenches if real world experience in their own lives. With years of experience having gone through the entire PowerLife Experience and has lived by and applied The PowerLife Principles to produce real results in their own lives.

Your mentor will work with you on a communication method that best suits your style of communication, and schedule.  The Mentor will be with you for 12 weeks.

Your mentor will work closely with you through the course material.  Your mentor will also be there to mentor you as you set your goals and work to achieve your targets.

Also included is a VIP Ticket to Quarterly Live Training. With Mike.  Each program will be a deep dive into various topics around heart, mind, and energy.  Programs will include Q & A follow-up.  We will send you an email 2 weeks before each quarterly program with zoom details to participate.  We will also send you a follow up recording in case you miss the live session.

And lastly, a video course, A Deep Dive into the PowerLife Principles. 

This course has 12 lessons and 12 downloadable exercises.  This program will be added to your course library.

Plus we’re giving you 12 weeks of full access to the PowerLife Academy group mentoring where you’ll have access to all of the PowerLife mentors and Mike.

Plus you get full access to monthly mastermind calls with Mike, the PowerLife Mentors, and the PowerLife Mentees to get diverse input, resources, supports, partnerships, collaboration, and guidance as it directly relates to your targets.