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It’s About You

You want more from life. Rightfully so. Every day millions of people strive to create a better quality of life. The truth is, it’s not complicated. You really only require a couple of things to get more of what you want out of life:

Desire: This is pretty obvious. You have to want something. And we all do. The real challenge is figuring out what it is. The most powerful question you can ask and answer is:


What Do You Want?

All that matters is you know what you want and that it matters to you! What are your dreams? What do you want more of in your life? What do want LESS of in your life? Answering this question, “what do you want?”, automatically gives you the next piece of the puzzle.


Without clarity, you continue to wander aimlessly through life like you’re playing darts without a dartboard! You can spend your entire life throwing darts never hitting your target. Because you don’t have one!Clarity on your desire empowers you to put the next piece of the puzzle in place getting closer to revealing the final picture. More of what you want in your life!


You have access to a TREMENDOUS amount of power.Imagine your power is like the Sun. It radiates light and heat and energy in every direction in massive amounts.But what do you think would happen if even 5% of that power was focused at one thing?A HUGE amplification of light, heat, and energy would be directed towards that thing. So much so, that tiny amount of the suns power can burn an entire building to the ground!Your power is no different. When you focus it at something, it produces MASSIVE amounts of power that translate into creation when you know how to use it.

It makes no difference what it is:









And your life begins to rapidly fill up with more and more of what you want.

Authors – PowerLife has created multiple authors.

Musicians – PowerLife has helped aspiring musicians get into professional recording studios, get their music on Spotify, production of professional music videos, get their songs on the radio, and even make music with billboard top 40 recording artists!

Artists – Artists have sold their art for upwards of $8,000 dollars and even have been featured in private galleries.

Coaches – PowerLife has helped people become successful life coaches and get paying clients.

Freelancers – PowerLife has helped people leave jobs that sucked their soul from them and enjoy the ultimate freedom of working for themselves.

Open retail shops – Multiple people have started profitable brick and mortar businesses.


Huge job promotions – From upgrading to management positions to fulfilling a lifetime dream of becoming a head track coach.

Start, Grow and Expand businesses – PowerLife has helped people start profitable businesses, grow their current businesses, and double, triple and quadruple their revenue to multimillion dollar businesses!

Purchase new houses – Using the PowerLife Principles have made the seemingly impossible dream of home ownership become a reality!

PowerLife has freed thousands of people from the suffocating idea that they can’t do the things they love in life by providing evidence that they can in the form of tangible results.

We’ve helped create deep, meaningful connection and life long friendships.

Freed People From Crippling Addictions.

We’ve cultivated global support networks where local PowerLifers meet up regularly to support each others dreams.

We’ve helped people mend relationships, and find love. Even marriages.

We’ve helped people create way more adventure in their life.

  • Confidence skyrockets.
  • Skills expand.
  • Results are inevitable.

Many people are forced to place a disclaimer saying, “Results Not Typical”.

We are not because results are not just possible, but expected!

Because we focus on results.

We focus on results because results are what transform your life.

You know all that pain you’ve been trying to find relief from?

  • Feeling no purpose?
  • No drive, lost, confused, like there’s more inside of you but it’s just out of your reach?
  • Self sabotage?
  • Inaction?
  • Crippling self doubt and “imposter syndrome”?
  • Not being able to give the ones you love the things you want to give them?
  • Feeling like a failure?
  • And losing all hope to the point of being inches away from defeat?
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Feeling Like That SUCKS!

But… it’s impossible to be burdened by it, slowed down, sabotaged, or weighed down by it when you’re living from your power. Living a PowerLife.

The Principles are simple. The processes are powerful. The support is unparalleled.

And all of it has been proven in real life for over 3 decades.

Just ask anyone who is or has been an active student of The PowerLife Principles. We encourage you to!

You’ll hear the same thing every time.


“My life is SO MUCH BETTER now!”

You think you’re any different? I guess we all kind of do in a way.

We think our challenges are exclusive to us.

But here’s a little nugget of gold that will change your life.

We all work exactly the same. Yes, our experiences are very different but the processes that create those experiences is exactly the same for all of us, including you.

The only difference between you and the people who are living rich, full lives is they made a decision.

They took a chance on themselves. And they learned the most powerful aspect to life there is.

And this leads to the next piece of the puzzle and the most overlooked piece for sure.

Action: You can think about stuff all day long. You can imagine and feel things for years. You can use tools like meditation and visualization your entire life. And that’s a big part of the process of creation.

But until you DO something, nothing happens.

Because tools don’t determine the outcome or results, the USER of the tools do!

You do!

You are the ultimate power and when you use the PowerLife Principles as your guide and the simple processes you get in The Power Manifesting Method to implement that guidance, you instantly activate that power.

Action is nothing more than making a real decision.

A decision is nothing more than an action taken based on an idea or thought.

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It’s your time when you decide it is.

No one’s gonna decide it for you. You have to make a decision.

You know what else is out there already. And you know that 96% of it doesn’t work to create results like we create in PowerLife.

You can accept the invitation to finally not just change your life, but transform it into the life you’ve had in your head and heart for years but that’s always been just out of your grasp.

Because it’s no longer out of reach when you make the decision to become part of the PowerLife family.

When you start today, you’ll have taken the first and most important action to living in your dreams versus just letting your dreams die inside of you.










Tangible and Measurable Results



More of what you want into your life starting from day one! Get started with The PowerLife Principles today. It’s fun, simple, high energy, active, and transformational.

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If There Was One “Secret” To Success, It’s This…

The vision behind PowerLife has always been to create, cultivate, nurture, and support an environment where people can thrive in life.

To fully and actively live from their power. Not just feel good but build an actual physical reality that supports and represents that good feeling.

That stirs up that zest for life we all love to feel.

That brings life back to life and opens up a path ahead of them that is exciting AF, full of possibilities, has a constant flow of new and supportive relationships and alliances.

But mostly, a path that each person can proudly and confidently claim as their own as they eagerly take new steps on their journey where exciting anticipation displaces fear and uncertainty.

A supportive journey to help you live in your dreams, not just let your dreams live inside of you or even worse, die inside of you.

PowerLife students are as diverse as they come.





Construction workers

Single mom's


Tattoo artists





Fitness models


Quantum Physicists

Energy workers



Retail shop owners





Truck drivers

Because it doesn’t matter what your background is. The PowerLife Principles wrap themselves around you, where you are right now, and help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s that simple and there’s no need to complicate it.

The processes work for everyone.

Because when you strip away all the fancy achievements, degrees, accolades, awards, trophies, etc we’re all the same.

We’re human beings governed by a fundamental set of Principles dictated by nature.

We all have hopes, dreams, fears, challenges, wins, and losses.

And we all work exactly the same way. Our experience of the process of how we work is very unique and very different but the function is always the same.

That’s why the PowerLife Principles are so incredibly effective and powerful and fast to transform lives.

They show you how to create the right conditions you need to make anything possible for you!

Coupled with support from a guide and a community of others living from their power, what you end up with is one of the most powerful environments to cultivate, nurture, and support a life where the only option is to thrive as you live your dreams, not just dream them…

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What Are The PowerLife Principles?

This fundamental principle is one of the most empowering ideas you’ll ever adopt. This single principle has enough power to completely change your life. When you look at life through this lens, life looks different.


Full spectrum living. Life has both dark and light. Most run from the dark. We extract 100% of the value and power from it in PowerLife to use ALL of your power as your ally, none of your power as your enemy!


Everything you want is all around you. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change (Wayne Dyer). The old becomes new again. Things that were stopping you, now support you. Your ability to find resources to support and build your life are amplified exponentially. Seek to create meaning versus seeking to find meaning.


This is literally how you make success chase you. Using the tools in Principles 1,2 and 3 and applying them will begin to make you ultra attractive to what you want. It will start to want you. People will be drawn to you that bring with them resources and opportunities that match your desires to create everything you want in life.


Nothing wants to die! Not even your old life. At this point we are at the point where transformation is actively happening and it’s also the point that kills most peoples momentum and any chance they have at getting over the mysterious “hump” that seems to block success for so many. In this PowerLife Principle we’ll go deep into the 3 Phases of success and how to make sure you make it through all of them with power!


A 4 minute mile was impossible. Talking to someone even a mile away from you was impossible. Human flight was impossible. Space flight was impossible. Everything is impossible… Until it’s not! Maybe for you it’s becoming wealthy. Maybe it’s an unbelievably great relationship. Maybe it’s creating a world changing movement or company. In this PowerLife Principle we will cover the potent power of expanding your awareness and how to use that awareness as power!


Most people are never taught to practice making decisions. Most people have a hard time even ordering food! Your entire life you’re told what to wear, what to listen to, how to behave, how to think, what’s right, what’s wrong, etc.

When’s the last time someone asked you what you wanted? What you think is the best way for you right now at this time in your life?

Decisions are powerful. But a true decision isn’t made until an irreversible action is taken. Decisions create motion and momentum. Momentum produces power!


It’s really easy to get discouraged thinking you’re not making any progress. It’s also a common trap to think it’s “not good enough”. With some simple shifts in your energy, we can flip the script on this and accelerate momentum in a huge way!


I’ve found this is one of the toughest things for people to master. You will have a life full of resources, advancements, enhancements, upgrades and people that are fully engaged in supporting you. But if you don’t ever learn how this PowerLife Principle works, you will receive none of that support or power.


When you get to a point, you’re good, just be good. But maintain. If and when you want more, activate the creation process. It’s knowing the difference that keeps you from burn out and gives you access to endless satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness.


This is what it all comes down to. Amplifying and sharing your light and power! The world becomes your lab, your playground, your own personal amusement park and life becomes something most people cannot even imagine as you become a beacon of hope and possibilities for other…

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There are typically 3 stages in the personal development world:

1.  Spiritual Addicts:

These are the people who chase the high they get from jumping from one personal development seminar to the next. But their lives never change.

These people think the “next thing” is the thing that will create instant transformation in their lives.

They put in a lot of effort and resources but all of it is directed at everything EXCEPT what produces results.


2. The Nudgers:

These people put in the effort but they’ve lost the fire in their hearts. They’ve lost their passion! These people will do the work but they really need the right coach or program and some nudging to stay the course.


3. Ready NOW:

These people have either found a way out of the cycle of spiritual addiction or have just had enough of the bullshit including their own bullshit.

They’re ready. No more excuses. It doesn’t matter what it takes, they will find a way over under, around, or through.

Their energy is savage dedication and commitment and the only thing they are missing is a guide and support to help them channel that energy in a way that gets them more of what they want in their lives.


People in stage one generally are not ready for anything else. They are on their own journey and hopefully, they find a way out.

If you’re at stage 2 or 3, not only is PowerLife right for you, it’s the ABSOLUTE BEST thing you can for yourself, your family, and your life!

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About Mike Kemski

Mike Kemski is a 2 time #1 Bestselling Author and creator of The PowerLife Principles. His focus is not on creating miracles for others, but helping others discover that they have the power to create their own miracles in life.

Mike has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry including Bob Procter, Marianne Williamson, Harv Eker, Mark Vicotor Hansen, Kyle Cease, Michael Beckwith and more.

Mike’s work with the PowerLife movement has had a global reach in over 70 countries helping people not only discover their power but also activating it to create what seems like miracles in their lives e’s got hundreds of appreciation letters from all around the world from amazing people from all walks of life.

He’s been praised by thought leaders and industry experts as one of the most authentic and even “raw” life improvement teachers in the industry but it’s also been argued that perhaps Mike’s most endearing quality is his humble, relatable, and down to earth nature along with his genuine desire to help create an army of people exposed to their own power and ability to not only change their lives, but become a catalyst for change themselves.

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Real People, Real Life, Real Results!

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What People Say…

Vonee Beeker

“Developed my own business as a coach, consultant and mediator.”

“I left my partner after 16 years, moved to a new place, quit my job and now have developed my own business as a coach, consultant and mediator.”


“I’ve Become A Published Author”

“I am so excited to meet all of our new members because I know how amazing this group is and how amazing the PowerLife Principles are. I look at my life now and it is so different from June of 2017. I left my marriage and a high control religious group so basically, I started my life over. I stayed with the PowerLife group and Mike since the challenge. I love all the support I find here. I think otherwise my challenges would have overwhelmed me. My life is so different now.

Happiness is the normal for me now. I love nature, I’m a photographer and because of this group I will be adding a new accomplishment. I’ve become a published author! I have some goals and targets already in mind for the upcoming challenge, my next steps in creating my life. Looking forward to each step. And honestly, if my life can change, anyone’s can.”


“It’s not only my sobriety that has been successful, I have made many changes that are conducive to the life I want to live and continue to do so.”

“I changed to a Vegan diet in January which is no mean feat. I set myself challenges for reading and research to ensure I can do the things that I want to do including video editing, Kombucha making, digital illustrating, growing food, sustainable living etc. all of which I have achieved or am making progress in. My journey is only just beginning, but I now feel like I have a map, compass and a pack full of supplies. All I have to do is make the moves and use the tools. Much appreciation to Mike! Here’s to 6 months free of a crutch!!!”

“The PowerLife Principles Demystify The Elemental Ability We All Possess But Rarely Tap Into”

I now realize there are actual physical/chemical reasons that a person’s attitude can be such a tremendous influence in all they do. The principles Mike teaches, are easy to assimilate into a person’s life and gives the notion of believability instead of intimidation. Mike is a Real! A man who is not only the product of what he’s teaching but who is also a poster child for genuineness in sharing something he’s very passionate about. The course demystifies the elemental ability we all possess but rarely tap into.

“Powerful, life changing, and genuine!”

“Powerful, life changing, and genuine! I found it so refreshing to experience the “in the moment, no bullshit” approach of Mike Kemski’s teaching and inspiring guidance.

“In few weeks Mike helped me to start shifting fitness levels and body image, income, selfcare and connections with my family.”


“Such simple use of words that helped me become aware of what I was actually creating and thinking, focus to change the things I did not like appreciate the thing I did like. In few weeks Mike helped me to start shifting fitness levels and body image, income, selfcare and connections with my family. Now that few months form when I started has passed the progress is really obvious in all these areas.”

“People started approaching me about my business”

“For a while I had a dream of creating my business, but life got in the way. I work a lot and barely have a moment to myself. It helped me find what it is that I really want (it turned out it’s not a business but having one will create that which I want). I discovered time can be made even when you work a lot. It helped me clear my own boundaries. People started approaching me about my business, I am a lot more energetic, physically strong and on track with my goal.”

“I don’t need to settle for anything that’s less than what I truly deserve!”

“My life changed from The PowerLife Principles because you helped me realize that I don’t need to settle for anything that’s less than what I truly deserve! The principles taught in the course were easy to understand and powerful. Mike you are an amazing person! Thanks for helping people realize that life can get better for everyone. You are a living example of that! I appreciate how you have affected my life in such a positive way. I know you will continue to have the great life that you deserve. I am happy I got to be a part of your life.”

“He simply shows you the straightforward way to get it”

“Mike is the most heart-connected man I know. His passion is showing people how powerful they are, and he is motivated by people achieving in real-life results whatever it is that their heart truly desires. So, while his approach is one of deep spirituality, he won’t let any of our nonsense stand in the way of actually achieving your desires to have a more loving relationship, to have the job you want, the money you want, the freedom you want. Whatever it is that you desire there is no judgement, he simply shows you the straightforward way to get it. By stepping into your own power.”

“My concepts, my ideas, my beliefs, my entire life has been turned upside- right!”

“Mike- You are a 10!!! From who I was, from who I am now, and from the best I will become- THANK YOU!

Thank you for your words. For your experience. Thank you for sharing yourself and all the greatness you are to help others become so much more. This has changed the depths of my soul so extremely. I have evolved into a better and happier self. I feel like my eyes have opened after a long sleep and everything I see is vibrant and alive -so welcoming- with so much potential. I used to loathe this world- for all its bad. Now I can love – for all its good. Just as I once loathed myself, I now love and accept and BELIEVE in me because of the things you exemplify. You and I are so similar in experiences, in more ways than you know, and to see how far you have flown and the happiness and joy you create for yourself and others gives me so much hope and encouragement! Such an example you are! If anything, Mike, know that you have truly changed, in the most positive way, who I am! My concepts, my ideas, my beliefs, my entire life has been turned upside- right! And now I can only hope to live my life so truly that I can help change someone else’s -as you have mine. Your teachings can change the world! They have changed mine! THANK YOU! Forever Grateful”

“These principles have taught me to recognize that I can control my life.”

“These principles have taught me to recognize that I can control my life. If you desire something bad enough in your heart it will come to you. Have realized how many negative people are were in my life. Mike is a great teacher! Very knowledgeable. Committed to changing all for the good and positive. His passion for what he believes in is immeasurable!!”

“For years I have been trying to “find myself’ and this course has helped me so much.”

“Mike, I hardly have bad days now. I’ve realized that I’m the only person that can control this, and I can decide each and every day that I will make it productive and most importantly, happy. I’m in control. I no longer allow other to control me. I hung on ever world. The principles are simple but very powerful. For years I have been trying to “find myself’ and this has helped me so much. No one will ever be 100% but then if they did they wouldn’t have the joy of learning new things. Thank you for everything.”

“The PowerLife Principles Has Truly Changed My Life…”

“I must thank you for writing your book, The PowerLife Principles, it has truly changed my life already. To start with I don’t know why I even bought it as money is very very tight and I had promised myself not to buy anymore “stuff” online. Something just convinced me this was a very different product.

I am 63 year young and caring for my husband who is suffering extremely ill health and the depression that goes with it. The PowerLife Principles have given me strength and determination that is a huge help in our daily lives. I am able to cope much better and pass my positive feelings onto my husband.”

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