Mike Kemski's Shocking Story Of Going From The Lowest Point A Human Being Can Be, To A Real Life Dream Come True

The bullet that changed my life forever…
WARNING: Strong Language

What Is PowerLife About?

You want more from life. Rightfully so. Every day millions of people strive to create a better quality of life.

The truth is, it's not complicated. You really only require a couple of things to get more of what you want in your life...

What You Get From PowerLife

The vision behind PowerLife has always been to create, cultivate, nurture, and support an environment where people can thrive in life.

To fully and actively live from their power. Not just feel good but build an actual physical reality that supports and represents that good feeling.

That stirs up that zest for life we all love to feel.

That brings life back to life and opens up a path ahead of them that is exciting AF, full of possibilities, has a constant flow of new and supportive relationships and alliances.

But mostly, a path that each person can proudly and confidently claim as their own as they eagerly take new steps on their journey where exciting anticipation displaces fear and uncertainty.

A supportive journey to help you live in your dreams, not just let your dreams live inside if you or even worse, die inside of you.

PowerLife students are as diverse as they come.
  • Doctors
  • Surgeons
  • CEO’s
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Construction workers
  • Single mom’s
  • Tattoo artists
  • Actors
  • Singers
  • Musicians
  • Artists
  • Celebrities
  • Fitness models
  • Scientists
  • Quantum Physicists
  • Energy workers
  • Coaches
  • Designers
  • Retail shop owners
  • Nomads
  • Marketers
  • Plumbers
  • Chefs
  • Truck drivers

The list goes on and on.

Because it doesn’t matter what your background is. The PowerLife Principles wrap themselves around you, where you are right now, and help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s that simple and there’s no need to complicate it.
The processes work. For everyone.

Because when you strip away all the fancy achievements, degrees, accolades, awards, trophies, etc we’re all the same.
We’re human beings governed by a fundamental set of Principles dictated by nature.

We all have hopes, dreams, fears, challenges, wins, and losses.

And we all work exactly the same way. Our experience of the process of how we work is very unique and very different but the function is always the same.

That’s why the PowerLife Principles are so incredibly effective and powerful and fast to transform lives.

Couple that with support from a guide and a community of others living from their power, what you end up with is one of the most powerful environments to cultivate, nurture, and support a life where the only option is to thrive as you live your dreams, not just dream them…

How is it possible to get results in 2 weeks?

Great question! It’s possible because we all work the same and are governed by the same laws of nature. Once you understand that (in the first week) you’ll clearly see how everything that was once in your way becomes a supportive resource. Most people just don’t know how to see that what you want is literally right in front of you right now. Once you learn this simple process, your life will never be the same as you begin to fill it with resources that support you versus roadblocks that stop you!

Who can do this?

There is one requirement and only one. I’ll tell you but first it’s important to know that we’ve had students from all walks of life, all types of backgrounds, every demographic, all around the world.

From celebrities to fitness models. From doctors to quantum physicists. From construction workers to homeless people.

What you do does not matter. What you want does…

And the only requirement is that you do not confuse simplicity with inferiority and do the simple work (don’t worry, it’s actually really fun).

Life will give you anything you want but, it’s a game of leapfrog. You must give lifer everything you are… FIRST!

I've tried other things. How do I know The PowerLife Highest Energy Wins Challenge Will work for me?

Mike doesn’t like the spotlight. You’ll hear him say it all the time in his trainings, “This is not about me, it’s about you as it always should be”.

He’s been the mentor to many influencers, best selling authors, even celebrities but he stays behind the scenes as much as he can.

His reputation is stellar and you won’t find a single person who says one bad word about him. He’s deeply respected in the industry and all around the world. He’s a family man first and enjoys time with his Wife Kelly, two daughters, and his favorite little human ever, his granddaughter.

His story is captivating, inspiring, and mind blowing!

This all sounds amazing. People seem to be getting really great results. But who is Mike Kemski? I've never heard of him.

GOOD! If you’ve tried other things and haven’t gotten the results you desire, you’re a perfect fit. That means you’re probably familiar with other tools. We don’t focus on tools. A tool is only as effective and powerful as the person using it so we focus on that! The power! You. YOUR POWER!

These Principles and Process have a 100% success track record because they simply tap into how you already work and what you’re already doing. We just tweak it a tiny bit to open up a whole new world of opportunity and possibility.

We have thousands of notes, cards, post cards, videos , and messages from people all around the world who are enjoying a brand new life because of The PowerLife Principles.

And it’s risk free. If for any reason you cannot or will not take part in the training, one simple email and we’ll take care of you with a full refund until the time is right for you.

Is this a culty thing?

We’re glad you asked… NO! While Mike is a very spiritual person, he despises that stuff. He’s seen too many good people get sucked into the trap of what he calls, “spiritual addiction”.

Mikes definition of spirituality is simple. It’s not about transcending the human experience, it’s about fully embracing it, messiness and all!

He believes, from watching too many people die with regret, that in order to live a deeply spiritual life with a powerful connection to nature you MUST fully live as a human being to feed your spiritual being what it cannot do.

To fully absorb life! The taste of a strawberry… The electricity of a kiss… The sound of a baby laughing…

And to that, he understands that people need support and guidance that empower them.

You’ll hear him say this a lot, “You fill your life with how you feel your life and you can only life with your life is full of!”